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About IWF France

The International Women's Forum France (IWFF) brings together women of outstanding achievement to share knowledge and experience, to create and develop a supportive network, to strengthen the influence of women throughout France and globally, and to assure women are well represented in governance and executive leadership roles.

IWFF is the official French affiliate of the International Women's Forum Inc. (IWF) a global not-for-profit leadership organization headquartered in Washington DC, USA.  The International Women’s Forum is a unique organization comprised of more than 6,400 dynamic women leaders in thirty-five countries and seventy-five forums around the world. IWF members are outstanding women of achievement whose profiles span careers, cultures and continents.  IWF members  wholly aligned in their commitment to building better global leadership.

Membership in the International Women's Forum France is exclusively by invitation based on IWF's globally defined criteria and membership process.  Considered for membership are women of outstanding professional achievement and who are contributors to the cause of promoting women's leadership.  Active members of IWFF have been approved by the IWFF Board of Directors and by IWF Inc, and they have paid their annual dues. 

Women meeting the global IWF criteria, shoud be sponsored by two existing IWFF members, before consideration by the IWFF Membership Committee, and subsquently approval by the IWFF Board of Directors and IWF Inc. 


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