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IWF Global - 2017 Year in Review

IWF Global - 2017 Year in Review

Dear all,

As 2017 ends and we prepare for 2018, it is an ideal time to reflect on what IWF has accomplished over the past year and look forward to what is ahead.

I am proud of the progress our organization has made over the year. Together, we accomplished much. This year, IWF:

  • Produced two successful Global Conferences – Stockholm, Sweden & Houston, TX, USA – with the highest rate of forum representation in history; 
  • Launched IWF in Action programming designed to harness our collective influence to move the needle on pressing issues; 
  • IWF leadership visited 34 forums worldwide; 
  • Promoted the next generation of global women leaders through the Leadership Foundation Fellows Program and our collaboration with EY on the Women Athletes Business Network (WABN); 
  • Partnered with Knight Foundation to host an Executive Development Roundtable for women entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders in the Miami-Dade area; 
  • Elected two new co-chairs of the Presidents' Council, Carolyn Carter, President of the Women’s Forum of New York, and Vuyo Mahlati, former President of IWF South Africa; 
  • Launched a robust member portal to increase interconnectivity between forums and members; and 
  • Increased and improved our online presence which included a Facebook page, Instagram feed, and our first ever IWF live stream.  

The link below to our year in review video captures the energy and spirit of IWF in 2018:

IWF has and will always be a member – and mission-driven organization. We are able to accomplish so much because of our collective and unwavering commitment to advance women’s leadership. The efforts of the IWF and Leadership Foundation boards of directors, Forum Presidents, members who supported us financially, those who served as mentors and speakers for our training programs, and those who spoke at our global conferences were critical to making this year a tremendous success.

In her remarks at the 2017 International Hall of Fame Gala, Hillary Clinton described IWF as a “vast network of problem solvers.” I am proud to be a part of and to lead such a network.  I am excited for what 2018 has in store, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside you to grow our network in size and influence.

2018 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Leadership Foundation’s Fellows Program – an important milestone and celebration for us. This program has given life to the ambitions of women leaders around the world and I am delighted that so many Fellow alumnae are now members and leaders in Forums across the globe.

Looking forward to next year, registration is open for IWF’s annual Cornerstone Conference: Evolution/Revolution in Melbourne, Australia May 2-4.  Planning is well underway for the World Leadership Conference and Gala in Miami, Florida October 24-26.  I hope you will take advantage of these wonderful opportunities to gather and experience the IWF’s local to global and global to local connections.   

With wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a bright start to 2018,


Teresa V-F Weintraub

President, IWF

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